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Weightless Wanderer

Location 1: Little Tokyo

Location 2: UP Diliman

Location 3: Quiapo

Welcome to my first levitation photography attempt. There’s nothing much to say about it actually because it’s basically just a jump shot setting on your camera. What, or should I say, who will actually make the difference is the model. She jumps like a basketball player now but still keep her face stress-free while in the air. So thank you @meari_writes for your ever so supportive self with my photography ventures and to @thegirlwanders for helping out with directing and production, nakanang. It’s always a party shooting with you two.

I wish I have done more interesting shots especially that my model have mastered the technique. But for now, I’ll settle for this and try to make less blurs next time.

Kelly’s Day Out

Meet my seven-year old niece, Kelly.


She does the peace sign on half of her photos

Today, I  make up for my being a serial drawing in keeping promises of  taking her out for a date. Since it was so hot, I figure I should bring her to somewhere presko to get a fresh authentic cool breeze unlike the air-conditioning of a mall. So I chose UP, the most accessible source of a more concentrated Oxygen from our house.


Just posted a photo. Chos.

With Kelly, I never get bored. She’s very articulate and just like many ordinary kids, asks the most out-of-this-world questions non-stop.

I like it when she makes a goofy face but I seldom capture them in photos.


Kelly insists on using the Holga Jack CFN. She never the advanced the film, though.

The reason is, she transforms to this in an instant when I point the camera at her.


Kelly does all her poses.

Or worse, to this.


Please do not use the photo on lighters and tabloids.

I should tell her that if she’ll pursue this career, she should start her diet pronto. But how can we resist food, it’s the only bonding we know.


There’s dirty ice cream every where in UP.

She told me that she likes this particular ice cream. But there was never an ice cream on earth she has ever disapproved of!


We still both can’t avoid ice cream dripping on our shirts.

Guess what, we ended up to  the mall too! SM North EDSA still has this Hello Kitty thing going, so I showed her the place.


With Lolo and Lola Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty in Santa costume is not really cute.

We wrapped up the day eating the fried chicken of her choice, KFC. Not to mention that our tray of food was spilled by a kid rushing to me. I was immediately assisted by the concerned mother and that quite calmed the #Amalayer in me. Yikes!


She’s a faker. We didn’t finish the small box of Mac and Cheese Bites.

Finally, the day is over and she’s got nothing to make tampo  anymore.

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