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Beach Bound (2/2)

…continued from here.

I came, I saw, I conquered Manila flood for beach waves. I ain’t so proud of it but hey this was booked months before. So here we were, veni, vidi, beaching!

3. Helmet Diving

It is walking on seabed and feeding the fishes with bread. The fee includes photo and video coverage. 🙂

4. Island hopping  and Snorkeling 

I cannot remember much from here except going inside caves in Crystal Cove (resort) which started the argument about the difference between a cave and a cove. The debate is over identifying which of the words is in present/past tense. Tough.

The way to enter one of the caves…

The water at the end of caves is too salty, it stings.

On our way to the next cave… I figured this should be called cave hopping.

Using the same boat we headed to the snorkeling area

5. Flyfish

This is so unlike your ordinary banana boat. It hops on the surface of sea and when goes vertical as the speedboat pulling us accelerates. You have to grab the handle really really tight especially if you have someone behind you. If you lose grip chances are you slam his face with your entire self.

The first casualty, my friend behind me. He can’t stand my butt on his face so he decided to go offer himself to the sea even before I let go of the ropes.

In the end, we all ended up in the water and the Flyfish boat literally flew. Here we were after losing our wits to the sea. 

6. Tornado Jet / Turbojet 

The Japanese won’t call these “tornado/turbo” for nothing. It’s an overspeeding boat that drifts (as in a car drift) in some alanganin places like along the shore of Puka Beach and somewhere near a huge rock we almost hit. It turns 360 degrees at moments you can’t predict. Our bangkero must be a pro! Here’s the only photo and nothing more followed. We totally lose ourselves.

Other activities to try are parasailing, scuba diving, jetskiing, helicopter tour service and a lot more but our wallets chickened out.

Fotonotes: Photos were either by me or Richard Mandras, edited (naks) by yours truly using Pixlr-o-matic. 


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