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Santina’s not dead.

Hello tumblr! I’ve just risen from the dead and I hope you all welcome me back in your dashboards.

The past few days were my busy and worry-filled days that gave birth to my third blog. I don’t want to flood you with my sentiments, there are just too much you cannot handle it. My sleep has also been so erratic because of some engagements that require me to be up as early as 5 AM, when my regular sleeping time is 4. That’s one thing I cannot call this post a “Thoughts tonight” post because I just woke up. But I’m back in shape now, looking forward to more blogging and also to liking posts from you.

So, I think I owe this blog quite a lot of photos but I’m still thinking whether to share it. You know, when it’s been a while and the memory isn’t fresh I don’t know what to write or tag the photos with anymore.

Some updates:

  • I watched Titanic 3D at the worst SM Supermall branch, MOA. I hate it when the show started after a 30-minute delay that showed no movie trailers during the wait (a review on their cinemas can make a lengthy report but I won’t bother reviewing if it’s gonna be mostly cons). Anyway, it’s only been just now when I realized the awesomeness of the Titanic movie. I may have been (maybe) so naive back then when I last saw it when I was nine. From the actors, storyline, very creative cinematography, even the scoring to the littlest details like rats running along the corridor were just a few of the things I would click on “like” had it been on facebook. I’d like to share you a short post from MeriGuresu about her Titanic hangover.
  • One of the untitled books I have been looking for is now named and found and bought. The book is called RAGE by Alfredo Roces. It tells the untold story of Juan Luna’s life, him being in jail, not because of revolting against the government during the Spanish occupation but his killing of his own wife and mother-in-law.
  • I joined another company-sponsored program they called Foster the People (the name’s so catchy, at least for me cause it’s a name of an indie band too). It’s a livelihood program, where women of a small community in Valenzuela City were taught how to make tocino, fabric detergent, fabric conditioner and liquid dishwashing soap. I only have a few photos from this event and I don’t want to run short of photos in telling stories so if in case I fail to make a different blog entry about this, I say now that I enjoyed it so much also the small talks with my co-volunteers about lomo and interesting movies to see in theaters now (I said Titanic :P).
  • Kelly is leaving this May for a month-long Macau and Hong Kong vacation and I’m so jealous. :p No, I’m going to miss her so bad. I’ll kiss her 30 times before she leaves, one for each day she’ll be away.

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