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Weightless Wanderer

Location 1: Little Tokyo

Location 2: UP Diliman

Location 3: Quiapo

Welcome to my first levitation photography attempt. There’s nothing much to say about it actually because it’s basically just a jump shot setting on your camera. What, or should I say, who will actually make the difference is the model. She jumps like a basketball player now but still keep her face stress-free while in the air. So thank you @meari_writes for your ever so supportive self with my photography ventures and to @thegirlwanders for helping out with directing and production, nakanang. It’s always a party shooting with you two.

I wish I have done more interesting shots especially that my model have mastered the technique. But for now, I’ll settle for this and try to make less blurs next time.

Quiapo | Cosplay | Yashica

I was the girl with those hip cameras. I was the girl with Yashica too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being identified as the girl with this or that camera. In fact, it may not be me if you see me without any. 

Yashica’s always getting plenty of attention from almost everywhere I carry it with me since day one and the camera slave is quite jealous already. I just thought that some of you might be interested in seeing the photos it makes too. So here are some from the Quiapo Goes Anime event, shot using none other, than the star amongst my collection, the attention-sucker, vintage rangefinder, Yashica Electro 35 GSN.

Click this link to see the digital photos I took from this event. 


Quiapo Goes Anime

An event sponsored by Phottix happened at the photographer’s haven in Manila—Hidalgo. A lot of pro photographers and enthusiasts alike came to join the workshop that started early in the morning by Jay Tablante and Ricky Ladia. As what I expect of myself, I came in late and therefore experienced the last quarter of the event, the awarding (there was an on-the-spot photo contest) and the parade of a small group of cosplayers on the street.

I know none of these anime characters.

The out-of-focus robot…

More robots…

These kids had to introduce me to the robots…

They said, they were Bumblebee and Megatron. Uh-oh. Sounds familiar. Didn’t I watch Transformers? Okay, I slept the movie away to the credits…

And this is Optimus Prime nursing his broken finger with mighty bond.

And oh, Megatron needs glue too…

They never get tired of going after the robots

That’s while I speak with Mang Dado, his estante is right on the nearest sidewalk. I didn’t know he has an apprentice (the pissed guy in the background). It used to be just him for the longest time. I’m scared of the new guy, he seemed hotheaded…

but able. He is fixing a family camera, whom the owner spoke to me in curiosity about the cameras dangling around my neck. I enjoyed the conversation with him and his two sons (one was of my age) that I forgot to take a photo of them. Sayang.

On my right was a photo-op, the mother was a cosplayer too.

Pilipinas represent!

Hot anime legs

A young merchant was reminded that he was, after all, still a kid.

I’m going back for these kids. They gathered around me so excited to see the photos. All they said was “Pa-recopy, ate”.

The submitted entries for the photo contest

And the participants submitting their entry on the last minute

The winner of a Phottix studio kit along with many other camera accessories. He was, apparently, last year’s winner too… Can we make him one of the judges next year?

Thank you to the sponsor, Hotel Sogo Phottix.

And that ends one-third of my day yesterday. Sorry for the long post. 

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