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Cynthia Alexander’s Last of the Five Send-Off Gig

Filipino professionals seeking better opportunities abroad is now the trend, but a musician’s leaving for quite the same reason has taken me aback. It is known that Cynthia Alexander is leaving because of lack of support from Pinoy music industry—this is a tragedy for Musika Mundo fans. But her assuring us that she’s going back soon (soon is comforting but still indefinite), we are holding on to her words and that we’re all permitted to sing her songs whenever we miss her and her music.

To her, the Send-Off Series gig is more of a Thank-You Series gig for the support she got from a crowd of Filipino independent music fans. She said that she doesn’t want to take flight without sincerely thanking everyone before she embarks. The grateful Cynthia started with the song Walk Down the Road.

then the song Wait that she had written while nursing her newborn daughter, Tala. 

She was joined by the band Brigada on this song and many other songs that requires full musical ensemble. Nakakaiyak sa sobranga galing!

My first song request in mind was granted so early. Owner of the Sky was the third song. Me and my friend can’t resist flashbacks from our own different stories of tough times we have overcome separately through faith in God and this song. This is the ultimate praise song for me. Surreal. 

Then the love song U&I that ended with a different mix.

Knowing There Is Only Now


Dumaan Ako is a personal favorite. Cynthia acknowledged Joey Ayala and Maningning Miclat who just came in and happened to be the composers of the song. 

Intertwyne was accompanied by a dance performance so slow, in phase with the harmony brought about ecstasy.

The Weather Report

Before Daisy Chain, she concerned herself with how the crowd was doing and decided to face the other side of the audience to get a better view of her. What an artist.


Hello Baby

I don’t Mind

Blackbird, a cover song by The Beatles

Kabaka is originally a poem by Vim Nadera

Dragonfly was a requested song from the album Comet’s Tail

Comet’s Tail

No Umbrella is my request I have long been waiting to hear. A poignant song with a tender melody.

Kawikaan and Malaya was performed with Brigada again. You can’t bear being stiff and standing for hours skin to skin will not hold you back from moving to the groove.

The multi-instrumentalist Mlou Matute was also on backup vocals. Must say I look forward to her gigs too.

Across the Universe, another cover by The Beatles. Everyone sang along to this song.

It ended with the crowd-favorite Comfort In Your Strangeness. Which reminds me of the indie film, Still Life, one of my all-time favorite Cinemalaya entries. I always think that the film was based on the song, it’s the best fit for a soundtrack. 

Cynthia will be flying tomorrow to relocate in Seattle. I am happy that her music will no longer be confined in the Philippines where support is short. It’s now time for us to share her to the rest of the world and let her songs be heard to represent our rich Filipino music.


This completed my June 23rd.

Nude Dude

I want to do nude photography. I have tried to convince several friends to pose nude for me but none of them has ever agreed. 

I remember the day I bought my first camera. I was accompanied by a friend and his FPPF (Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation) classmate. They were surveying me from head to toe while on our way to Hidalgo, then went cheeky on me. They kind of jokingly asked me to pose nude for them. I thought for a second.. and replied a resounding “No!”. 

So yes, I knew how nerve-wracking it was to be asked, just to be asked, by that question. I know it’s going to be double the work convincing girl friends so I am posting this as the official classified ad open for the male species who dares to be naked in front of me the camera! He is preferred to be the imperfect kind—beer belly, long coarse beard, can be bald, looks grumpy and exudes high level of testosterone. He should be comfortable not only with being, but also with moving around, undressed.

I would like to work closely with the model and will definitely entertain his ideas to come up with the best nude photography concept.

PS: Had the two FPPF boys asked me now, I could have said yes.  

Apply here. 

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