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Quest for the Best Ramen: Urameshiya

And I’m back in my quest for the best ramen on earth! It’s been quite a while since my last good bowl of ramen so pardon my excitement, I’ll just go straight to my review.

Quest of the Best Ramen #2 

  • Restaurant: Urameshiya
  • Location: Little Tokyo, Pasong Tamo, Makati City
  • Ramen of Choice: Miso Ramen

Presentation: First thing I noticed with my ramen is that THERE IS NO FISH CAKE! While I am aware that not all ramens are served with fish cake, this is the first I had without the cute little pink spiral eye candy. It seemed less of a ramen for not having that. It doesn’t look too inviting.


I was also told that they run out of spinach so they are serving it with cabbage. I thought that maybe on my next visit I’ll have it with cabbage again because spinach is too vegetable for me. It’s too green for human food, well that’s just me. There’s not plenty of corn but I appreciate that it was placed in one side.

It’s also important for me that the bowl is thick. It was a big bowl so I don’t think it can be downed in 15 minutes or less and it’s nice that it was kept hot until I finish mine.  Verdict: 3 out of 5 pairs of chopsticks.


Taste: I chose miso ramen among the four available ramens Urameshiya serves. For one, I can never go wrong with miso. Anything with miso can easily be my favorite. Two, the other three on the menu is not miso. I just love it, sorry. I think it’s that ingredient that gives the soup it’s rich and salty taste.

The broth makes me feel that it was brought to a good and long boil as the flavor is so even on every sip and it shows on the color.

I got scared of the leeks when I saw it, I thought there was too much of it on my ramen but I was surprised, it was sweet and fresh. Whilst the leeks were overwhelming, they fell short on corn. I have tried Sapporo ramen before and if I am not mistaken, the recipe is similar to that of miso ramen. That Sapporo ramen  had corn just about everywhere on my b0wl and that’s what added sweetness to the food instead of the leeks. My overall feelings towards this ramen is love. It was so good, it was the second best I’ve had in my life! This is 4 out of 5 pairs of chopsticks.


Service: We didn’t have too much interaction with the service crew except when we discovered that there is a floating fly on my friend’s Kalamansi juice. Well, we honestly didn’t notice a fly any time in our stay much more see it crashing onto the drink but we are certain that it was not there when it was served.

Oh, I also appreciate that we were informed early on that it will be topped with cabbage instead of spinach. Some people prefer spinach over cabbage.

I must also say, they had the shortest waiting time for a ramen to be served so far. Verdict: This is 4.5 out of 5 pairs of chopsticks.


Ambience: The interiors is the most Japanese resto I’ve been. They are missing tatami mats but have shelves of Manga, the Japanese comics., to compensate.

The seats are elevated but guests are still to take their shoes of and sit on their heels. But of course we preferred to cross our legs and Indian sit.

Different kinds of sake, the Japanese wine, are sold but I bet they had it lined up everywhere to add interest in their store.

There’s nothing fancy on the store. I like that it is not as intimidating as many posh Japanese restos in Manila. See the set of condiments right there on the table, reminds me so much of my lola’s carinderia.

The curtains looks authentic. They are rolled up when guests arrive.

The lights are dim, the photos could tell.

They had TV tuned in to local news.

Price: Price for any ramen on the menu is fixed to Php200 per bowl. Verdict: 4 out of 5 pairs of chopsticks.

More info about Little Tokyo:

Little Tokyo is the place they call where Japanese restaurants are gathered to form a haven for Japanese food lovers. It is situated along Pasong Tamo with Makati Cinema Square being the nearest landmark. Outside were bigger Japanese restaurants and you can go 500 meters within the vicinity and still find more Japanese, whether restos, grocery stores, KTV bars or people.

Little Tokyo restaurants usually opens late in the afternoon for early dinner. At 7PM, Japanese people and a few Pinoys are everywhere enjoying their meal.

I swear I’ll stop this “pairs of chopsticks” thing on my ramen reviews. It kind of pisses me off too (cause I know you also do). Sure I’ll use stars. Thank you for reading!


Pig-out Night at Bagnet 8065

Last night was a blast! I can’t identify the highlight, but let me at least share you one of the wittiest resto choices we’ve made evah!

Here you go. So it was at Bagnet 8065 (no near landmark). Googlemap it out, print it at the office. 😛

Why do I like Bagnet 8065:

♥ Cozy and artsy ambiance. It’s a carinderia complete with old school furniture. Even the waitress who attended to us seemed to be from the past too. There’s a customer graffiti wall to address them your comments and suggestions, or to just do vandalism legally. The tatami mats on the wall and ceiling added a homey feel to the humble carinderia. A mini bar is near the entrance door, but they don’t seem to use it. Outside are a few tables and chairs for those who want to enjoy the food with a bit of fresh air.

♥ The food is superb! Bagnet is a crunchy pork meat, or more commonly known to Tagalogs as Lechong Kawali. They have incorporated the already mouth-watering Filipino bagnet to other different viands. So there was Kare-kare bagnet, sisig bagnet, dinuguan bagnet and a lot more. Angsarap lang talaga lalo ng sisig bagnet, di ko na ma-English eh. Yung sabaw ayos, di pinakuluang medyas. Ok din yung buko pandan, tama lang pang-dessert ng lutong-bahay na ulam.

♥ Price is reasonable if not affordable. We spent not more than P800. The four of us downed 3 good-for-two viands, 1 budget meal, 5 rice, 2 buko pandan, 1.5 L softdrink.   Menu here.

♥ There’s a clothes and accessories store too on the 2nd floor. A music studio was also built but on the other branch in Malate.

So I guess that’s about it. They are located at 8065 Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati City, PH. Open Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 12:00am ;Sunday 5:00pm to 12:00am. They do not have a website so you can refer to here instead.

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