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Weightless Wanderer

Location 1: Little Tokyo

Location 2: UP Diliman

Location 3: Quiapo

Welcome to my first levitation photography attempt. There’s nothing much to say about it actually because it’s basically just a jump shot setting on your camera. What, or should I say, who will actually make the difference is the model. She jumps like a basketball player now but still keep her face stress-free while in the air. So thank you @meari_writes for your ever so supportive self with my photography ventures and to @thegirlwanders for helping out with directing and production, nakanang. It’s always a party shooting with you two.

I wish I have done more interesting shots especially that my model have mastered the technique. But for now, I’ll settle for this and try to make less blurs next time.

Paputok 2013

Last Media Noche was the first that I ever got to take fireworks photos of ours. Reason: I’ve always had asthma attacks. This year was not an exception but since I have anticipated it, I went out to watch and shoot while on a face mask.


Quite a problem I had was that I did not have my tripod with me so I have to make do with what I have, that is…the camera and a steady hand. Without a tripod, I cannot make long exposures that is recommended to draw the trail of the fireworks. The goal is to capture the time it explodes in the air until it fades away which is about a few seconds. The slowest shutter speed I’ve used on this set was 1/8s so I have to be as still as I can to reduce camera shake.


Another thing to sacrifice for not having a tripod is the aperture. I had to set my aperture to the biggest to allow more light into the lens which is f/3.5 in my case. That is to compensate for the fast shutter speed and also to make the smoke shots more hazy. Technically, we do not want smoke to be seen in this kind of photography, we only want to see the trail of light. But this is smoke in vivid colors and I want it on my photos.


I’ve never seen someone do a bokehfied fireworks shot so I did. I focused the ceiling instead.


I pumped up my ISO as well but in real-life pro fireworks photography, it should be kept to a minimum. I’m looking forward to the coming Pyro Musical in February and hopefully this year I’ll get a better view of the show.

I just realized that I spoke mostly of my fireworks display frustration for not having a tripod but most of the photos were just firecrackers shots.


Just sharing more photos from New Year’s Eve.


This is the first time I used Adobe Photoshop on an entry here. It isn’t really difficult to put photos side by side like what I thought. Photoshop noob here, I want to know how to reduce grains, help me out!


Holiday Bokeh

In the past holiday season, I took advantage of the lights in the metro and did a little play with them. Bokeh has been so dear to many, even to non-photographers, so I did a minor twist to the regular round bokeh we see all over the internet.


Just to make things clearer, bokeh refers to the unfocused part of a photo, not necessarily an unfocused light source in which case creates circles such as the photo above.

My goal was to shape these circles to Christmas trees for the reason that this post was meant for Christmas. I tried to but I was sick. I use this excuse since grade school.


Please note that making bokeh shapes doesn’t change the actual color of the lights. The photo above was shot in a place somewhere I don’t remember but sure is not the shaped bokeh of the previous photo.

How I did it is explicable by the photo below:


Or maybe not. You make a condom for your camera lens with a black cardboard and cut the shape you desire. You think it’s easy? I think it’s not.

It’s like I did my first Christmas tree cut-out too big. Well it differs with the kind of lens you use and how large your aperture can get, so just keep on tearing shaped  holes in different sizes and see which one works for you.

If you notice, some Christmas tree bokehs were cropped. I’m yet to find the right Christmas tree size on my lens condom. I’m not very sure though if that’s what will give me a perfect bokeh shape but will give it a second try–uh but with a different shape maybe.

Digital Photographer Philippines 6

It’s a magazine I haven’t read, go to their website here. Although I have once taken advantage of their forum to get answers to my stupid questions, I never attended any event or join contest they host. I always feel that they are are only for pros and their amateur level is still pro-ish. Gah. Where do I put myself, below amateur, baby amateur, under zero amateur… I’ve been an amateur photographer for more than a year, am I therefore a professional amateur photographer—mastered being an amateur. Clap. Clap. Clap. Bow.

Here we go. I got to Boni High Street at 4PM. I knew I missed a lot already, but what I missed I don’t know. There were quite a number of speakers in line as per their DPP’s website but none of them excites me. (Read: Da Who) Not until I got a seat from a gentleman in a tent where Val Rodriguez was doing his talk. This man, as he introduced himself, is a photojournalist from Philippine Star. Later after his talk, he was again recognized by the host as the chief photographer of the newspaper. That was not shocker, for he has told us not a lecture but a sharing of the best and worst things he has gone through as far as photojournalism is concerned.

He was with Ninoy on the same plane that landed in Manila the day he was shot dead. He took pride in taking most of the published photographs of that historical event, maybe not only on newspapers but on books too. Just when I was enjoying re-watching that part of the history in mind while he browsed quickly on the photos, he asked if anyone has a 500-peso bill. You got it. The famous pangalungbaba photo of Ninoy, he did it and it’s on Philippine money. That I cannot fathom if happened to me.

He showed more photos from the Marcos, Aquino and Estrada regime. One thing I pictured in my mind was Marcos being so sick. He took a photo of the inside of the bus that’s always in convoy wherever Marcos’ go. It was a bus complete with medical equipment, it’s a hospital bus! It was followed by a series of photos of Malacañang. His room was a hospital too, even the bathroom showed a trace of an illness. The photos of the sick Marcos did not give me an inkling on how sick he was than these all-furniture-and-medical-equipment photos.

More and more photos and stories were told until we got to Maguindanao Massacre. He showed us some familiar photos of the lifeless journalists scattered all over the vacant lot. I don’t know how hard could it be for him to take photos of two of his friends brutally killed like that and submit the photos to the news for printing. He spoke so little about it and suggested that we let the photos do the talking instead. I also don’t want to say much, except for JUSTICE PLEASE.

He showed a few more photos mostly from the current regime. Some festivals, rallies, natural calamities and hostage takings…

Val ended the discussion with a heavy heart. He wants two more days to tell his stories and so he encourages us to send him our photos we think deserves a few columns in the newspaper to compensate the limited time.

I like Val. It was an honor to hear the history from a firsthand experience.


There was a Mini Cooper parked at some odd space.

I realized later it was for a photoshoot. Hihi. It just didn’t look like it is unlike this yellow car set-up sponsored by Sony and FHM. On the programme they call it Carwash Shoot something-something.

I used my Nikon to take photos of Canon

…and of the closed road


I got back at the tent early to secure a seat. The next speaker will do a live photoshoot with all of us around, suffocating him and the model. Exciting.

This is Raymund Isaac with a U. He’s just concerned with being found in twitter and the likes. And it helped. Guess what, I just checked and he’s on tumblr! His stint on this year’s DPP anniv party was on doing an outdoor photoshoot. He said he doesn’t bring strobes all the time (and he’s a pro photographer probably making hundreds of thousands a month) and that we should make use of the available light. As for me, natural light is the best lighting we can get for a photoshoot. High-five to that!

He started with measuring the light then shared us his Canon camera settings. He also mentioned that he’s turning his white balance to tungsten on that cloudy afternoon, he wants to give the photos a bluish tint for a Japanese/Korean feel. I set mine to flash though, because I always wanted a warmer color. Okay, enough of that, I don’t want to bore you my dear reader.

The model by the way is the stunner Jinri Park—DJ, FHM girl and Korean. Hey Jinri, I remember Raymund said that we should get your approval before publishing your photos because you don’t like ugly photos. I don’t want to take your time approving or denying them, I’ll just post no unflattering photo of you instead. But it’s still your call if you want this removed, tweet me.

The shoot was done from behind the Mini Cooper…

while I was behind the industrial fan.

I just have to say that the ultimate shocker of the day was this CDR King flash gun! I shall never be shocked when one day I discover a CDR King car engine, USB powered.

Thank you for bearing with napes and for reading.

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