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Agfa CT Precisa 100, A Photographic Film Review

Hello Lomography lovers! I’m here once again to help you pick photographic films in your next purchase. I know some of us have qualms in buying slide films since they’re pricier than our ordinary negative films but there are some that are really worth your every buck.

  • Speed: ISO 100 – not very sensitive to light; not recommended in low-light situations
  • Format: 35mm – can be used on 35mm cameras; can be used on medium format cameras too for sprocket photography
  • Type: Slide – cross-process exposed films to achieve vivid and saturated photos
  • Price: P230/roll – find Photofilm Manila on Facebook


I choose to review Agfa CT Precisa 100 because the results are always gorgeous. I mean I’ve used it with four different cameras and although some photos resulted to what I didn’t expect, they’re still as impressive as ever!

I first tried the film on my Diana Mini camera. Whenever I press the shutter release with Precisa loaded, I already have a picture in mind of how it will turn out. I know it’s going to be mostly high saturated shades of blue all over my print just like a Kodak Ektachrome but I’m yet to see the difference until my first processed roll came. Precisa has a more subtle blue colors, there are so much turquoise!

But I was surprised to get redscaled photos. These photos were shot on low-light conditions, still with my Diana Mini camera. Was I disappointed, not at all.

I next tried Precisa on a point and shoot camera called Bell + Howell BF 35. This combo produced more varied colors thus, the most surprising set among the four. Although turquoise is still the most prominent color, I am happy to see emerald green and pristine white on some of the shots. By the way, Bell + Howell shoots at an aperture of  f/7.7 and shutter speed of 1/100s.

Next camera I used to test Precisa is my 1969 vintage camera, Yashica Electro 35 GSN. Yashica produced pretty much the same hue that is leaning more on teal but since this camera is a rangefinder that shoots in variable aperture and shutter speed, the colors were more consistent. I always aim for the correct exposure with this camera, thus, results were more precise and not very surprising.

Another point and shoot camera I used with Precisa is Superheadz Super Fat Lens. It has a wide angle lens that takes sharp and high contrast photos. With an aperture of f/11 and shutter speed of 1/125s, I didn’t expect yellows on it as it works best with shooting outdoors with intense natural light.

In all four cameras I used with Precisa, my favorite is when I paired it with Superheadz. I’m sure you have your own pick too with its versatility and amazing range of blue to yellow hue. I noticed that my sunset shots, when the sun is so bright and close to the horizon, that’s when it produces shades of green. Turquoise is most pronounced when shooting in broad daylight which makes clouds the best subject in this case. The photos are most likely to be in redscale when light is scarce and in Bulb shutter speed setting.

My over all verdict to Agfa CT Precisa 100 is 10 stars out of 10. It’s currently my personal favorite but I’m yet to test and make a review of  a few other slides in my stash. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps with your future film shopping.

Heart Masking B+H BF 35

Masking is pretty quick and easy to do, let me show you how I did it on my Bell and Howell BF 35 camera.

Materials: Click here.

Measure the original square or rectangular mask (it’s the part of the camera where you lay your film flat from the film canister to the spool) on the camera.

Note: Some cameras with detachable masks, especially with 120mm film cameras. My Bell + Howell’s mask is fixed on the camera.

Cut the cardboard exactly the same size as the mask.

Fold it in half crosswise and draw the half of your heart, or any shape you wish

and cut… take note that the edges of the heart mask is magnified on your photos, be extra careful in cutting, unless you like it edgy.

Color the mask with sharpie back to back. Make sure that the inside edges are blackened too. You can get a black cardboard to skip this step.

Tape it on the camera’s mask and make some adjustments if doesn’t fit.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to turn it upside down before you secure it on the original mask.

Nothing really important in this post except that. You must have known what needs to be done upon seeing the first photo but I still did this post nevertheless as a promise kept. 🙂

Also, I cannot show you the inside of the camera because it’s currently loaded with film.

That’s just basically it! You do not have to do the exact same thing cause it differs for every camera and with your resources. I suggest that you play with it and make your own designs. You can change the color of the mask or use a cutter and make asymmetrical shapes.

Remember:  The results are only limited to your imagination. It starts with what you want to see on your photos then secrete some creative juices.

Thank you and I hope that you ♥ it. 🙂

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Past, Present and Future of a Second

I feel like I’ve been left behind, be it my love life or career.

Love: Men always come and go so quick. But that is not what the blabbing is about. The sentiment is, why do they come to bore me to death, if not, they come ill, sick in the head. Sure, there is no school to major in how to be interesting but how about speaking your mind out and involve yourself in the conversation. It insults me when I do monologues with just one audience member.

Career: Work to me now is purely, sincerely and only a source of income. It’s not very healthy or very likely to feel this way when you work for an established international IT company, I know. I feel so restless and burned-out. This is not coming from discontentment (with pay or job post etc.) but with doing the exact same thing every single day. Also, if I may highlight, the lack of proper recognition which is an understatement of office politics that is inevitable and rampant (here). Sadly, hard work is not all it takes to succeed in the real world and this, to me, is the greatest thing I’ve learned so far in my two years at work.

It pains me a lot when I lose all my writings because of incompetent browsers. I could have explained myself better with a lengthier text but I like how it turned out to be summarized when I rewrote it.

*Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 on Bell + Howell (Walang koneksyon ang pictures sa content, duh. Haha.)

My Singapore Flyer Story as told by Diana Mini and Bell + Howell

The facade

Each of the 28 capsules can hold up to 28 passengers. Engineers, why 28?

Hundreds or maybe thousands of steel cables hold the wheel safe and tight. 

A breathtaking view of the Marina bay, the Art Science Museum (lotus flower) on the left and the Esplanade (hardly noticeable) on the far right

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Sky Park. Gorgeous but can’t run away from a raging tsunami. 😛

A diagonal shore shot from the top of the wheel *goose bumps*

More shots half-way down the wheel *not much excited to set foot on the ground*

Here’s a view of the facade from the capsule right before we alight. 

THE YELLOWS > Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 on Diana Mini 

THE BLUES > Kodak Ektachrome E200 on Bell + Howell BF 35


30-second Photoshoot with Oliver alyas Bangkay

Here you go… I traveled solo, so who did this shot? 

(shot with Bell + Howell)

Tadah! It’s kuya Oliver, alyas Bangkay, the tricycle driver. He stopped over this spot and urged me to pose for him. What? “Bakit po?” It was as if a routine he does when driving his passengers back to the bus terminal, when he stepped off his tricycle with no hesitations, no questions and his spontaneity dragged me to pose.

Look, I got him photographed too.

(Shot with Diana Mini)

If you travel alone, you appreciate every gesture of people around you, whether good or bad. It’s with them, strangers, that your memories are built. I aim to appreciate strangers whether I need company or what. We are all human and are still under the same sky after all. Pahalagahan ng patas  kesyo pamilya, kaibigan, kalilala o di kilala, lahat sila parte, iba-iba lang ng laki.

Bell + Howell BF 35 Specifications

This is my Bell + Howell Camera, I got it for Php200 only at Bookay-ukay. I have been researching about this camera weeks before I bought it, just so I know what to expect. No luck in getting some definite info about this cheap thrill so I thought of dedicating a post to this plastic toy camera.


Basic Specs:

1. Lens -f35mm /F7.7

♥ You cannot adjust your focus on this camera. So you adjust for it. Move at a distance of 4ft from the subject to be in good focus. There is also a lens cover that when closed, will automatically lock the shutter and will prevent you from taking pictures.


2. Shooting range – 1.2m (or 4ft) -infiniti

♥ Of course, not all the time you can be 4ft away your subject, in those cases, the subject may be blurry. But don’t worry, you’ll eventually get the results you like. Some may be blurred, dark and grainy. Some are showing light leaks, glare, everything digital photography is trying to avoid. But that’s what makes lomographers enthused—the perfect imperfections of analogue photography.

3. Shutter speed – 1/100 sec.

♥ The shutter speed is fixed to 1/100 sec. Couple it with the fixed F7.7 aperture, you are most likely to get dark photos indoors. I would suggest to choose a film with higher ISO, say 200 or 400. You can use ISO 800 though, if you want to achieve that grainy effect.


4. Dimensions: 41 x 74 x 116 mm

♥ It would also be nice to know the size of the camera. I imagined it to be as handy as Diana Mini but it wasn’t.


5. Flash – hot shoe

♥ Look, I tried the Diana Flash on it! I tried shooting with it on and it seems to have worked fine. However, I’m a bit worried because this hot shoe doesn’t secure the flash tight. It wiggles the flash adapter but not to the point of sliding the flash off the camera.



Here are some photos shot using Bell + Howell BF 35

*Sorry for the messy background. You are now getting to know me personally—messy.

*Click here to get to Bookay-ukay’s multiply site.

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