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Universal Studios Singapore by the Wondering Wanderer

The next thing that happened after seeing the graceful turning of this globe was us screaming (in falsetto like bitches lol) in disbelief. We’ve never seen a globe this big! haha.  No, it was a dream that has just came true.  It must be the smoke effect that added to the drama.

We jumped on our way to the entrance, we just don’t know where to start.

My first 4D experience, at Shrek’s castle 

One of the attractions: Enchanted Airways, it’s like the Roller Skater in Enchanted Kingdom, a junior roller-coaster.

Here are some shots while on the ride

The theme park has 7 divisions: Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, Madagascar, Lost World, Sci Fi City, New York and Far Far Away

Revenge of the Mummy, one of the attractions from Ancient Egypt. It’s an indoor roller coaster in total darkness! We have overcome it twice. 

Treasure Hunters, a jeep ride for kids.

Dino-soarin, I missed my neice Kelly, she’ll definitely not miss this flying dinosaur.

My favorite: Sci-fi City, it has two of the most amazing attractions

Transformers, it’s a 4D movie like Shrek but less vigorous and not done in a theater. It has 3 or 4 screens and the little car you ride will go about the next screen for the next scene. This is not your typical 4D movie experience I swear. With Transformers, they make sure you are a big part of the movie. 🙂

Battlestar Galactica: Two roller coasters intertwined—Cyclon (blue rail) and Human (the red rail). Human  was pretty lame, haha, can’t help not to compare it with Enchanted Kingdom’s Space Shuttle. Cyclon  though was so bad-ass! A lot of twists and turns and loops then stops. The best roller-coaster ride in my entire life!  If only I could bring a camera to capture the speeding ride, but you’re not allowed to bring anything but yourself, so I left my camera and my friend. Haha. No, she wouldn’t go for thrills like this.  

Note: Be patient to get a seat on the front row. The view is a lot better, everyone wants a seat there. 

Some pictures from the Hollywood and New York 

Checking out pasalubong items while eating churros 🙂

There’s a whole lot more to USS but here’s what I can share for now. 


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