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When everyone else is watching the Batman movie,

I was at Cinemalaya to see three gala premieres. Warning: This is heavy on spoilers. If you’re planning to watch, I do not encourage you to read past this sentence so feel free to skip this and read on my past posts. ūüėõ

  • Ang Nawawala – This is indie film + indie music + vinyl records + vintage cameras + joint. I therefore like it but not as much as I like Rakenrol. This is a story about a boy meets girl, but you should know upfront that this is not a love story. Yes, a reminder to 500 Days of Summer, it is. Quite predictable that the boy¬†with¬†a¬†self-inflicted selective mutism will utter his first words like “I love you” to his girl of interest. I feel like the reason for the boy’s choosing not to speak could have been shown in a much stronger sense as well as his love-induced breaking of silence after 10 years. I wish the growing love between Gibson and Enid was made more intense to credit an “I love you” as his first words. The film was not bad at all, the reasons were there, to/for me, it just had to be clearer. But more importantly you have to see the film yourself to find “What Isn’t There”.¬†
  • Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino – Although I love tahong (especially when grilled), I didn’t expect to like a film shot in a tahungan. It is a love story without the conventional exchange of sweet nothings save for the last scene. Intoy is a hardworking mussel harvester while Doray is a simple girl turned¬†whore prostitute to provide for her sisters. His slightly-holded-up and coy love for her was perfectly delivered. I like that they made their first romantic scene well-anticipated and almost didn’t happen until the end, when Doray admittedly avoided him to prevent him from acquiring her incurable and infectious disease.
  • Kamera Obskura – This is about how a camera works and dirty politics combined, obscure combination noh? Juan was trapped in an enclosed dark room until one day he discovered a small hole that allows him to see the life outside as¬† invertedly¬†projected on the wall. He eventually made a bigger hole out of it enough for him to escape. In a camera store he came across a magical camera that forced itself to him to hold, merely replacing his right hand. Rival political parties discovered him and his camera’s ability to absorb bad people so he was being urged each to run for councilor here and there. With the usage of the terms “pabaon”, “boksingero ng bayan” and “tuwid na daan”, one could easily identify the stinking inspiration to this movie. I forgot to mention, that this is a silent film.

It was so worth braving the stormy weather for these three. Oh no, I think I’m dropping my tickets for all these films, it’s such a pain to pick just one. Sigh. I’m in it again tomorrow, tara!

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