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The Road back home

It was a seven-hour bus ride back to Manila from Baguio and killing boredom is not a problem, firstly, if you’re with your six craziest friends, secondly, if there’s free wifi on board, and thirdly, if you got a camera with you in transit. Here’s a photo of a bird-shaped flock of birds I happen to spot along the road.

I don’t use CPL so there are reflections on the window. I just realized now that I don’t have any camera accessory, just the body and the lens, everything that comes in the package when I bought it. 

It’s the 18-55mm kit lens that comes with the package. I never liked shooting in wide, but I’m learning to like distorted subjects now since I started lomography. 

I also have a hand-me-down lens from my Tito Noel, it’s an 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 telephoto, the kind of lens sold only on repair shops. It’s suppose to be long dead decades ago. It doesn’t autofocus on D3000 and has molds, fungi that’s so visible you’ll hesitate to touch. All these just came to me now, I did not bring the lens on my trip to Baguio. 

When I was a kid, I did not realize that we are on top of the world, like I mean on the surface. I thought that we are suppose to be inside the planet or else we might fall off to the universe. So at some point, our horizon can be inclined like this. Up until today, the Earth’s size fascinates me with how minimal we can feel it’s shape. It took me two Science teachers, my mom and Isaac Asimov to shake me to believe the truth about gravity. 

We passed by a fresh car crash incident. It was hit by a bus so it flew 200 or 300 meters away from it. 

The extra tires here used to be the bus’ rear tires. 

The tricycle sidecar finished in pink paint buried on the ground. It’s so useless when not attached to the motorbike, but so useful when it is. Some things are meant to be, or has to be with another thing to know its worth. 

It’s sundown when I took this photo… I used the wrong whitebalance to make it sooo blue. 

And we alighted and parted ways at Cubao.

Sunflowers of Baguio

7AM. I’ve never woke up early in the morning like this in 10 years, when the sun has just risen and the heat is piercing. Apart from the heat to combat is the bright sunlight to block. I used my hand to reduce the extra light striking the lens as an attempt to substitute for a lens hood. My hand didn’t suffice and as a consequence, lens flares resulted on the third photo. A happy accident.

Happy Birdday Richard!

I took a picture of them…

they took a picture of me too—solo…(to return the favor) hmpf!


Murder the birdday celebrant! It’s more fun in the Philippines. LOL.

It occurred to me late that I can set the camera timer on and jump on these bad boys’ asses! 

We played with the camera while the other 3 are asleep

Then played with their foot… such a work of art.

Played some more…

Then the revenge!

This is all I’ve got on my feet, cause every stroke of the pen wakes me up.

30-second Photoshoot with Oliver alyas Bangkay

Here you go… I traveled solo, so who did this shot? 

(shot with Bell + Howell)

Tadah! It’s kuya Oliver, alyas Bangkay, the tricycle driver. He stopped over this spot and urged me to pose for him. What? “Bakit po?” It was as if a routine he does when driving his passengers back to the bus terminal, when he stepped off his tricycle with no hesitations, no questions and his spontaneity dragged me to pose.

Look, I got him photographed too.

(Shot with Diana Mini)

If you travel alone, you appreciate every gesture of people around you, whether good or bad. It’s with them, strangers, that your memories are built. I aim to appreciate strangers whether I need company or what. We are all human and are still under the same sky after all. Pahalagahan ng patas  kesyo pamilya, kaibigan, kalilala o di kilala, lahat sila parte, iba-iba lang ng laki.

The Aftermath

Now—that’s over a month after that and I can say that I’m completely rooted back to earth. You got me lost and I thank you big time for that. Or maybe I wasn’t. It just occurred to me that I was in the brink of sanity I might slip any moment. You pulled me to safety I was so hurt but I understood. I shouldn’t have planned a fairy tale (well—my kind of rockstar fairy tale) with you on it like a high school girl daydreaming, crushing on you. I know you never read any of this shit or even browse my photos, apparently you followed me (on tumblr :P) just because you are the nice guy who would, and that’s all.

Now—you are no longer a part of my life but, will always be, of me.

Sincerest Nice Meeting You

I met Harold Laguardia at the bus terminal in Pasay. He ans his wife saved me a seat in the bus. I remembered that it’s his wife I asked where the line to Nasugbu is. She directed me to the end of the line, so i transferred from being at the first half of Nasugbu passengers to the end of he line. I was praying, saying Lord please let me be on the first bus to Batangas,  I’m just too exhausted to wait for the next. I was able to get in, but the bus was almost full. Harold removed his bag from the seat he saved for me on the third row. He offered me the seat, I asked why. Then the wife said “Andami kasing nakasingit sayo. Pati yang katabi mo (smirked). Wala kasing pila-pila dito eh.” I thanked them two or three times in between our small talks before I decided not to sleep the three-hour travel time, so I can thank them once again before they go. They were dropped off to Lian, said our goodbyes and then Harold handed me his business card. He’s a dentist. “Kontakin mo ko kung may matutulong ako sayo.” And yeah, I was moved. I waved them bye-bye from inside the bus.


-subject to change without prior notice.

1. Go to Japan and witness the cherry blossoms fall in slow mo like in the movies.

2. Watch Brandon Boyd (not necessarily Incubus) sing in his boxers  and destroy whatever stage he is on. -Partially fulfilled. He did not take his shirt off.

3. Try surfing. Not on fake waves but on the beach. I can die there.

4. Build a house for my family.

5. Get a meaningful tattoo, something from my childhood.

6. Bear a child and not marry the father.

7. Sing in a band, any genre, i don’t care! Haha. Just let me. ♫

8. Eat authentic ramen in Japan.

9. Make my Lolo Maning’s music compositions be heard on the radio. 🙂

10. Have a couple pose for me like John and Yoko

11. Kiss a bona fide geek.

12. Get a tan from Palawan.

13. Shave my head or at least cut my hair as short as Emma Watson’s.

14. Win a raffle promo, God please.

15. Spend any November 8 at Jollibee with all my family and friends.

Our Precious GEM

What a relief!  We have finally made the surprise bridal shower for our good friend, Gem, done! So, I dedicate this post for her and her upcoming wedding.

This has been made possible with the help of another good friend, Yen—thank you. Not for collaborating (hehe, because I know you did it for the love of Gem) but because of saying that I sing real good when even my own ears hurt when I do. Thank you, sister.

Special thanks to our bunsoy, JR. Thanks for the Aristocrat treat, and more importantly, for being an accessory to the crime. You simply are the best accomplice. Also for driving us here and there with your NEW car. 😀

To the invitees who made it to the party, thank you so much. We appreciate you coming combating the rain and heavy traffic. It’s nice meeting you and your hubbies too. Thanks for the afterparty, I did not expect that we will be making a lot of friends out of this event.

And to the star of the party—GEM! I just wish you all the happyness in the world. I hope that we have gathered it all tonight for you. 😀

A Year of Life to Celebrate

His lifetime has only been just a year today,oh how time flies.This adorable baby on the left (obviously not on the right cause it’s the mom) partied with kids on his special day which fascinated me because most of the 1-year-old celebrants just sleep. (Based on observation) Anyway, this is not the point in writing this. Haha. I just felt like saying what just popped out of my mind and besides, how I write is how I speak. Okay, we are getting off the topic again—or should I just change the topic then? No. This article is meant for Aldrei. (I really have to say that to stress that it really is.) *Lutang.

Seriously, I have sponsored several kids already, like 7 or 8 and I can only remember a single birthdate! Not that I am proud, but I am starting a list of their names on my notebook with the birthday on the other side of the page to save myself from this revelation (It will be my next assignment post here.)Oh, they’re all so dear to me. I wish I could create a bigger mark in their lives, apart from the predictable Christmas gift which is synonymous to Ninang or Ninong already.

This post Aldrei, if you get to scroll down on this in the future, this one’s for you. (wow biglang shift) I wish that you grow up as a gentleman, responsible and with principles in life that’s kept. Love mommy always  as she will be the only girl who can give you the purest, sincerest unconditional love. You call it AGAPE. 🙂 She can do a lot of things beyond you could possibly imagine. She is your superhero. She is forever after your best interest. Love her. Live your  life as you want it, do not make other people stop you, it’s your life, own it. Make decisions and stood by it, but in case it fails, be mindful that you can also make mistakes. Learn from them. On the other hand, unlearn the things that you think may hurt your family especially your mom. Don’t be afraid of failures/rejections, it hurts, right. Embrace the hurt from it and use it as your weapon to combat whatever is keeping you down. Sadness is alright, you won’t understand happyness without it.

Later this year, I will be godmothering another baby. It may mean to others as one-more-person-to-spend-money-on-this-xmas (well at some point I can arguably be too) but I can see it as more like cute little present. It just feels great to be thought of as a second mother to a baby especially those not related to me by blood.

To my inaanak, if you will ever come across this humble page, I hope that you can feel the waaarmth from deep in my heart ♥ you can also FOLLOW me. You may click the ASK button should you need any clarifications. 😀

Happy 1st Birthday!

LOL (lots of love),

Tita Gela

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