Paputok 2013

Last Media Noche was the first that I ever got to take fireworks photos of ours. Reason: I’ve always had asthma attacks. This year was not an exception but since I have anticipated it, I went out to watch and shoot while on a face mask.


Quite a problem I had was that I did not have my tripod with me so I have to make do with what I have, that is…the camera and a steady hand. Without a tripod, I cannot make long exposures that is recommended to draw the trail of the fireworks. The goal is to capture the time it explodes in the air until it fades away which is about a few seconds. The slowest shutter speed I’ve used on this set was 1/8s so I have to be as still as I can to reduce camera shake.


Another thing to sacrifice for not having a tripod is the aperture. I had to set my aperture to the biggest to allow more light into the lens which is f/3.5 in my case. That is to compensate for the fast shutter speed and also to make the smoke shots more hazy. Technically, we do not want smoke to be seen in this kind of photography, we only want to see the trail of light. But this is smoke in vivid colors and I want it on my photos.


I’ve never seen someone do a bokehfied fireworks shot so I did. I focused the ceiling instead.


I pumped up my ISO as well but in real-life pro fireworks photography, it should be kept to a minimum. I’m looking forward to the coming Pyro Musical in February and hopefully this year I’ll get a better view of the show.

I just realized that I spoke mostly of my fireworks display frustration for not having a tripod but most of the photos were just firecrackers shots.


Just sharing more photos from New Year’s Eve.


This is the first time I used Adobe Photoshop on an entry here. It isn’t really difficult to put photos side by side like what I thought. Photoshop noob here, I want to know how to reduce grains, help me out!


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