Field trip with Yen

So there were fishes, a lot of them

Yen is the easiest to request for a pose, thank you so much sister. She already knows what to do when I pointed at some nice place for a background. Good thing she kept her sanity well when I showed her the way to the crocodiles. 

This is my only good deed today—fed fishes. I still think it’s a good deed since the fishes are still alive when we left and didn’t die of food contamination.

Just Yen and I, gpoying. Hehe.

I’m always masked by a camera, I like it and that’s what led me to taking pictures forever.

About AngeliSantina

A non-writer blogger who seeks apologies for her occasional grammar lapses. She is neither a professional photographer nor a lomographer who only aims to preserve the nicest things her eyes has laid on to through her photos. She takes photos for nothing but self pleasure such as masturbating. Now that I'm done with the disclaimers, let me present the creature behind the blog, AngeliSantina. View all posts by AngeliSantina

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