The Road back home

It was a seven-hour bus ride back to Manila from Baguio and killing boredom is not a problem, firstly, if you’re with your six craziest friends, secondly, if there’s free wifi on board, and thirdly, if you got a camera with you in transit. Here’s a photo of a bird-shaped flock of birds I happen to spot along the road.

I don’t use CPL so there are reflections on the window. I just realized now that I don’t have any camera accessory, just the body and the lens, everything that comes in the package when I bought it. 

It’s the 18-55mm kit lens that comes with the package. I never liked shooting in wide, but I’m learning to like distorted subjects now since I started lomography. 

I also have a hand-me-down lens from my Tito Noel, it’s an 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 telephoto, the kind of lens sold only on repair shops. It’s suppose to be long dead decades ago. It doesn’t autofocus on D3000 and has molds, fungi that’s so visible you’ll hesitate to touch. All these just came to me now, I did not bring the lens on my trip to Baguio. 

When I was a kid, I did not realize that we are on top of the world, like I mean on the surface. I thought that we are suppose to be inside the planet or else we might fall off to the universe. So at some point, our horizon can be inclined like this. Up until today, the Earth’s size fascinates me with how minimal we can feel it’s shape. It took me two Science teachers, my mom and Isaac Asimov to shake me to believe the truth about gravity. 

We passed by a fresh car crash incident. It was hit by a bus so it flew 200 or 300 meters away from it. 

The extra tires here used to be the bus’ rear tires. 

The tricycle sidecar finished in pink paint buried on the ground. It’s so useless when not attached to the motorbike, but so useful when it is. Some things are meant to be, or has to be with another thing to know its worth. 

It’s sundown when I took this photo… I used the wrong whitebalance to make it sooo blue. 

And we alighted and parted ways at Cubao.

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A non-writer blogger who seeks apologies for her occasional grammar lapses. She is neither a professional photographer nor a lomographer who only aims to preserve the nicest things her eyes has laid on to through her photos. She takes photos for nothing but self pleasure such as masturbating. Now that I'm done with the disclaimers, let me present the creature behind the blog, AngeliSantina. View all posts by AngeliSantina

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