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30-second Photoshoot with Oliver alyas Bangkay

Here you go… I traveled solo, so who did this shot? 

(shot with Bell + Howell)

Tadah! It’s kuya Oliver, alyas Bangkay, the tricycle driver. He stopped over this spot and urged me to pose for him. What? “Bakit po?” It was as if a routine he does when driving his passengers back to the bus terminal, when he stepped off his tricycle with no hesitations, no questions and his spontaneity dragged me to pose.

Look, I got him photographed too.

(Shot with Diana Mini)

If you travel alone, you appreciate every gesture of people around you, whether good or bad. It’s with them, strangers, that your memories are built. I aim to appreciate strangers whether I need company or what. We are all human and are still under the same sky after all. Pahalagahan ng patas  kesyo pamilya, kaibigan, kalilala o di kilala, lahat sila parte, iba-iba lang ng laki.

The Aftermath

Now—that’s over a month after that and I can say that I’m completely rooted back to earth. You got me lost and I thank you big time for that. Or maybe I wasn’t. It just occurred to me that I was in the brink of sanity I might slip any moment. You pulled me to safety I was so hurt but I understood. I shouldn’t have planned a fairy tale (well—my kind of rockstar fairy tale) with you on it like a high school girl daydreaming, crushing on you. I know you never read any of this shit or even browse my photos, apparently you followed me (on tumblr :P) just because you are the nice guy who would, and that’s all.

Now—you are no longer a part of my life but, will always be, of me.

Sincerest Nice Meeting You

I met Harold Laguardia at the bus terminal in Pasay. He ans his wife saved me a seat in the bus. I remembered that it’s his wife I asked where the line to Nasugbu is. She directed me to the end of the line, so i transferred from being at the first half of Nasugbu passengers to the end of he line. I was praying, saying Lord please let me be on the first bus to Batangas,  I’m just too exhausted to wait for the next. I was able to get in, but the bus was almost full. Harold removed his bag from the seat he saved for me on the third row. He offered me the seat, I asked why. Then the wife said “Andami kasing nakasingit sayo. Pati yang katabi mo (smirked). Wala kasing pila-pila dito eh.” I thanked them two or three times in between our small talks before I decided not to sleep the three-hour travel time, so I can thank them once again before they go. They were dropped off to Lian, said our goodbyes and then Harold handed me his business card. He’s a dentist. “Kontakin mo ko kung may matutulong ako sayo.” And yeah, I was moved. I waved them bye-bye from inside the bus.

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