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Pinoy Lomo Tip: Where to scan films?

Hello Pinoy Lomographers! Here we are again for another Pinoy Lomo Tip, and issue’s topic is “Where do we have our films scanned?”

Most of us do not develop the films, for 1, it would cost you more and 2, it’s not very manageable to store piles of pictures. So I have my films scanned too, at DIGIPRINT.

Reasons why I choose Digiprint:

♥ It’s the cheapest I’ve found. It costs P135 for the first roll and P35 on the succeeding rolls, that’s for 35mm film. The minimum number of rolls per transaction is 5, so that makes P275 per 5 rolls.

♥ They burn the pictures on a CD. They can store up to 5 rolls of film per CD. I like it because it also serves as my backup, you know when it’s digital, it’s very convenient to organize, but when it’s deleted, it’s forever gone!

♥ Free shipping. After 3-5 days. you will get your scanned films at your doorstep by LBC. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! It will include the canisters if you request for it. You will also get your negatives back.

Any special handling /request are welcome. They can cross-process your slide films, scan in half-frame and square-frame format but I’m afraid you would have to note that on the receipt, just to make sure all is well when you get your scans.

♥ They  have a  lot of branches all over the metro. Their branch list is not updated though, so use it to contact them and get updated yourself. Note: Megamall branch closed.

And that’s about it. Spread the analogue love!

Pig-out Night at Bagnet 8065

Last night was a blast! I can’t identify the highlight, but let me at least share you one of the wittiest resto choices we’ve made evah!

Here you go. So it was at Bagnet 8065 (no near landmark). Googlemap it out, print it at the office. 😛

Why do I like Bagnet 8065:

♥ Cozy and artsy ambiance. It’s a carinderia complete with old school furniture. Even the waitress who attended to us seemed to be from the past too. There’s a customer graffiti wall to address them your comments and suggestions, or to just do vandalism legally. The tatami mats on the wall and ceiling added a homey feel to the humble carinderia. A mini bar is near the entrance door, but they don’t seem to use it. Outside are a few tables and chairs for those who want to enjoy the food with a bit of fresh air.

♥ The food is superb! Bagnet is a crunchy pork meat, or more commonly known to Tagalogs as Lechong Kawali. They have incorporated the already mouth-watering Filipino bagnet to other different viands. So there was Kare-kare bagnet, sisig bagnet, dinuguan bagnet and a lot more. Angsarap lang talaga lalo ng sisig bagnet, di ko na ma-English eh. Yung sabaw ayos, di pinakuluang medyas. Ok din yung buko pandan, tama lang pang-dessert ng lutong-bahay na ulam.

♥ Price is reasonable if not affordable. We spent not more than P800. The four of us downed 3 good-for-two viands, 1 budget meal, 5 rice, 2 buko pandan, 1.5 L softdrink.   Menu here.

♥ There’s a clothes and accessories store too on the 2nd floor. A music studio was also built but on the other branch in Malate.

So I guess that’s about it. They are located at 8065 Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati City, PH. Open Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 12:00am ;Sunday 5:00pm to 12:00am. They do not have a website so you can refer to here instead.


-subject to change without prior notice.

1. Go to Japan and witness the cherry blossoms fall in slow mo like in the movies.

2. Watch Brandon Boyd (not necessarily Incubus) sing in his boxers  and destroy whatever stage he is on. -Partially fulfilled. He did not take his shirt off.

3. Try surfing. Not on fake waves but on the beach. I can die there.

4. Build a house for my family.

5. Get a meaningful tattoo, something from my childhood.

6. Bear a child and not marry the father.

7. Sing in a band, any genre, i don’t care! Haha. Just let me. ♫

8. Eat authentic ramen in Japan.

9. Make my Lolo Maning’s music compositions be heard on the radio. 🙂

10. Have a couple pose for me like John and Yoko

11. Kiss a bona fide geek.

12. Get a tan from Palawan.

13. Shave my head or at least cut my hair as short as Emma Watson’s.

14. Win a raffle promo, God please.

15. Spend any November 8 at Jollibee with all my family and friends.

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