Our Precious GEM

What a relief!  We have finally made the surprise bridal shower for our good friend, Gem, done! So, I dedicate this post for her and her upcoming wedding.

This has been made possible with the help of another good friend, Yen—thank you. Not for collaborating (hehe, because I know you did it for the love of Gem) but because of saying that I sing real good when even my own ears hurt when I do. Thank you, sister.

Special thanks to our bunsoy, JR. Thanks for the Aristocrat treat, and more importantly, for being an accessory to the crime. You simply are the best accomplice. Also for driving us here and there with your NEW car. 😀

To the invitees who made it to the party, thank you so much. We appreciate you coming combating the rain and heavy traffic. It’s nice meeting you and your hubbies too. Thanks for the afterparty, I did not expect that we will be making a lot of friends out of this event.

And to the star of the party—GEM! I just wish you all the happyness in the world. I hope that we have gathered it all tonight for you. 😀


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A non-writer blogger who seeks apologies for her occasional grammar lapses. She is neither a professional photographer nor a lomographer who only aims to preserve the nicest things her eyes has laid on to through her photos. She takes photos for nothing but self pleasure such as masturbating. Now that I'm done with the disclaimers, let me present the creature behind the blog, AngeliSantina. View all posts by AngeliSantina

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