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Bell + Howell BF 35 Specifications

This is my Bell + Howell Camera, I got it for Php200 only at Bookay-ukay. I have been researching about this camera weeks before I bought it, just so I know what to expect. No luck in getting some definite info about this cheap thrill so I thought of dedicating a post to this plastic toy camera.


Basic Specs:

1. Lens -f35mm /F7.7

♥ You cannot adjust your focus on this camera. So you adjust for it. Move at a distance of 4ft from the subject to be in good focus. There is also a lens cover that when closed, will automatically lock the shutter and will prevent you from taking pictures.


2. Shooting range – 1.2m (or 4ft) -infiniti

♥ Of course, not all the time you can be 4ft away your subject, in those cases, the subject may be blurry. But don’t worry, you’ll eventually get the results you like. Some may be blurred, dark and grainy. Some are showing light leaks, glare, everything digital photography is trying to avoid. But that’s what makes lomographers enthused—the perfect imperfections of analogue photography.

3. Shutter speed – 1/100 sec.

♥ The shutter speed is fixed to 1/100 sec. Couple it with the fixed F7.7 aperture, you are most likely to get dark photos indoors. I would suggest to choose a film with higher ISO, say 200 or 400. You can use ISO 800 though, if you want to achieve that grainy effect.


4. Dimensions: 41 x 74 x 116 mm

♥ It would also be nice to know the size of the camera. I imagined it to be as handy as Diana Mini but it wasn’t.


5. Flash – hot shoe

♥ Look, I tried the Diana Flash on it! I tried shooting with it on and it seems to have worked fine. However, I’m a bit worried because this hot shoe doesn’t secure the flash tight. It wiggles the flash adapter but not to the point of sliding the flash off the camera.



Here are some photos shot using Bell + Howell BF 35

*Sorry for the messy background. You are now getting to know me personally—messy.

*Click here to get to Bookay-ukay’s multiply site.

Our Precious GEM

What a relief!  We have finally made the surprise bridal shower for our good friend, Gem, done! So, I dedicate this post for her and her upcoming wedding.

This has been made possible with the help of another good friend, Yen—thank you. Not for collaborating (hehe, because I know you did it for the love of Gem) but because of saying that I sing real good when even my own ears hurt when I do. Thank you, sister.

Special thanks to our bunsoy, JR. Thanks for the Aristocrat treat, and more importantly, for being an accessory to the crime. You simply are the best accomplice. Also for driving us here and there with your NEW car. 😀

To the invitees who made it to the party, thank you so much. We appreciate you coming combating the rain and heavy traffic. It’s nice meeting you and your hubbies too. Thanks for the afterparty, I did not expect that we will be making a lot of friends out of this event.

And to the star of the party—GEM! I just wish you all the happyness in the world. I hope that we have gathered it all tonight for you. 😀

A Year of Life to Celebrate

His lifetime has only been just a year today,oh how time flies.This adorable baby on the left (obviously not on the right cause it’s the mom) partied with kids on his special day which fascinated me because most of the 1-year-old celebrants just sleep. (Based on observation) Anyway, this is not the point in writing this. Haha. I just felt like saying what just popped out of my mind and besides, how I write is how I speak. Okay, we are getting off the topic again—or should I just change the topic then? No. This article is meant for Aldrei. (I really have to say that to stress that it really is.) *Lutang.

Seriously, I have sponsored several kids already, like 7 or 8 and I can only remember a single birthdate! Not that I am proud, but I am starting a list of their names on my notebook with the birthday on the other side of the page to save myself from this revelation (It will be my next assignment post here.)Oh, they’re all so dear to me. I wish I could create a bigger mark in their lives, apart from the predictable Christmas gift which is synonymous to Ninang or Ninong already.

This post Aldrei, if you get to scroll down on this in the future, this one’s for you. (wow biglang shift) I wish that you grow up as a gentleman, responsible and with principles in life that’s kept. Love mommy always  as she will be the only girl who can give you the purest, sincerest unconditional love. You call it AGAPE. 🙂 She can do a lot of things beyond you could possibly imagine. She is your superhero. She is forever after your best interest. Love her. Live your  life as you want it, do not make other people stop you, it’s your life, own it. Make decisions and stood by it, but in case it fails, be mindful that you can also make mistakes. Learn from them. On the other hand, unlearn the things that you think may hurt your family especially your mom. Don’t be afraid of failures/rejections, it hurts, right. Embrace the hurt from it and use it as your weapon to combat whatever is keeping you down. Sadness is alright, you won’t understand happyness without it.

Later this year, I will be godmothering another baby. It may mean to others as one-more-person-to-spend-money-on-this-xmas (well at some point I can arguably be too) but I can see it as more like cute little present. It just feels great to be thought of as a second mother to a baby especially those not related to me by blood.

To my inaanak, if you will ever come across this humble page, I hope that you can feel the waaarmth from deep in my heart ♥ you can also FOLLOW me. You may click the ASK button should you need any clarifications. 😀

Happy 1st Birthday!

LOL (lots of love),

Tita Gela

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